Saturday, April 19, 2014


Okay, it's a bit of a stretch, but stick with me. This topic "QT" translates into "cutie." My little daughter is such a "cutie." When I'm not running or writing, you will find me photographing my kids or the Big River or my kids by the Big River or horses or ice. Now you can see where this is headed. Since I used my "P" post for "parkour" yesterday, I needed an excuse to post about my other passion, "photography."
Waiting for the big football game
In my novel, Free Runner, Cam's father is a professional photographer. When researching for my novel, I had to find a realistic place to host his photography exhibit in London. In December of 2012, the first photography exhibit went on display at the National Gallery. From there, I developed (sorry about the pun:) more of the plot. My oldest son, spotlighted yesterday, is an extremely athletic kid, but he also has an artistic side. His photography and drawing skills amaze me. His artwork has been featured in one of the art
Boat on the Big River
galleries downtown, submitted by his high school art teacher. Last year I entered a few of his photos into the gallery's annual photography contest and he won! I hoard my experiences and love using them in my writing.

Ice storms-why I hate winter
In my WIP, I've also incorporated photography but on a whole other level. Think retro and instant cameras. Before I started writing fiction, I was working on a a project for the Wisconsin Historical Society, writing a full-length children's bio on H.H. Bennett, the first person to ever take a photograph of someone in motion. His incredible journey into the beginning world of photography is worthy to be shared. But the series was discontinued and my story never made it to publication. I tried not to focus on the negative side (sorry, more puns:) of this disappointment but on the positive. Never quit. I abandoned non-fiction and dove head first into writing fiction.

Do you incorporate the things you enjoy (passions, hobbies, sports, music) into your writing? How do you deal with disappointment? Has a major let down turned you around on the right path? 

This photo is the first photo taken of someone in motion. Ashley Bennett, H.H. Bennett's son, had to jump fourteen times to get the perfect picture. And, by the way, it's a great shot of parkour!
Leaping the chasm at Stand Rock-Wis. Dells

Jeremiah-why I love horses

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(Photo of Leaping the Chasm is courtesy of free images. All other photos are mine and found on my Instagram.)


  1. You mixed Q with P with that shot! First person in motion? He went for the dramatic with that shot.
    Your daughter is cute. Looks like her mother.
    And cool your son's photo won!

  2. You will never see my pose for a picture like that. :)

  3. Great post today, love the pictures :)

  4. Your daughter is absolutely a QT!! I had no idea about HH Bennett. Thanks for the info! :)

  5. Your daughter is adorable!
    I totally use my own loves in my stories. In one, my MC was a dancer (like me), and in another, my MC is a pianist (also like me although she's way better), and I always incorporate music into my writing.
    PS, thanks for the query tips!

  6. She is a QT--just like her mom. =)

    It's interesting--your question. I don't typically incorporate my talents or hobbies into my writing--because my characters are so different than me. They seriously have their own personalities and will not abide me shoving my interests on them.

    True Heroes from A to Z

  7. I tend to try to avoid putting the things I enjoy the most in my writing. It's something I should start doing, though. I don't know why I've avoided it.

    Liz A. from Laws of Gravity

  8. I've had lots of writing disappointments, but since I have no intention of not writing there's not much point in dwelling on them. And I often incorporate my interests into my novels. For example, Jack, the mc in my recently published novel is a huge history buff - like me.

    And your daughter IS a QT :)

  9. I haven't really incorporated too many hobbies into my writing. I have, however, given my characters gifts/interests I wish I had, like baking and painting.

  10. Yes, I do incorporate my photography into my writing. While I truly love to write, if I had to choose one over the other, the photography would win. The photos I shoot give me an opportunity to think of things to write. Hopefully, I'll always get to do both. Great blog post!!! Interesting history and your daughter is truly a cutie petutie!

  11. Lol, great way to bring this post around to where you wanted it!! I admire the ingenuity :) I don't tend to bring my hobbies into my writing, but now I'm thinking that I should. It's a great way to talk about stuff I already understand and love, and it doesn't require much ready!!

  12. Yep - she's a total QT. I would have loved to have been at the "jumping guy" shoot. The pic is amazing. The MS is have "marinating" in the drawer brings in my years of ballet, toe shoe blisters included.

  13. She is adorable.

    I love photography.

  14. QT, indeed, Jennifer! She's adorable!!


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