Wednesday, November 5, 2014

IWSG: Pitch Wars and 15 Minutes of Sleep

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This month flew by in hurricane fashion. Does anyone else feel like they just drank ten cups of coffee while running the NYC marathon? Watch this 27 second video and see for yourself my current state of mind.

With more dental appointments this past month than I've had in a lifetime, including a root canal and two rounds of antibiotics, I still can't feel my face. During my youngest teenage son's first wrestling practice of the season last night, he collided with a chin and now has three staples in the back of his head. I may need another shot of espresso.

Did I mention stressing to the max over jury duty that I didn't even get selected for? The court convened on a balmy 80 degree day while the inside of the building was a sweltering 110 degrees. The one hundred-year-old court house, complete with no air conditioning, was a picture of the past. I got stuck in the cheap seats, wooden benches so old I'm sure Mark Twain sat in one a time or two. Maybe he died on one. I'm surprised the place had running water. The plaintiff, defendant and a dozen lawyers sat in lazy boy chairs, sipping ice cold bottled water. During a short break, I wandered out into the hallway to get a lukewarm drink of water from the barely working water fountain. Seriously, I don't make this stuff up. Nine hours later, I was dismissed with spinal injuries and heat exhaustion.

On a better note, Brenda Drake's Pitch Wars contest is winding down and the agent round is this week. Writers tend to be more stressed than other people that's why we drink lots of coffee. We should probably sleep for more than fifteen minutes though, right? 

Just exchange the word "writer" for "Cohen" and you're all set.

Rooting for all my fellow Pitch Wars friends! Have you ever been completely stressed out of your mind and excited about something at the same time? 

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