Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July #IWSG: Critique Partners, Frog-Jumping Contests, and Mud Volleyball, Oh my!

First Wed of Every Month

This month's question: What is one valuable lesson you've learned since you started writing? 

Don't go it alone. You might think you can, but you won't last for very long. I'm writing this ahead of schedule and I've hit the were-going-on-vacation-tomorrow panic stage, so this will be short and probably not sweet, but to the point. 

You need an extra set of eyes on your work, and I don't mean your mom or significant other unless they are a professional editor. Then by all means go for it. I love my beta-readers and critique partners and writerly cheerleaders. Get over yourself if you think you can't take criticism. Make your work better!

Hannibal is hosting yet another festival this week. Come check out the always fun National Tom Sawyer Days complete with fence painting and frog jumping contests and mud volleyball. Not sure how the last one is relevant to Mark Twain, but who cares? Have fun this Fourth of July!

I'll be enjoying a week off. Who am I kidding? I'm outlining a new story!! I'll try to visit other blogs and get to your comments sometime this week. 

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