Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August #IWSG: "Let's Do This."

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The Big Question on the IWSG post for this month is (drum roll, please) Was your first piece of writing ever published?

Yes and no. My middle school scribblings bent on mystery and mayhem were sadly rejected by no one and never published. My first serious attempt at writing did land a publishing contract. But I've developed as a writer since that time nearly two years ago and am anxious to publish more. That sums up the answer to today's question!

Are you stuck in a writer's block rut gathering inspiration for your next novel? During the summer months I let my ideas simmer. Writing a new manuscript for me always starts in the fall. When the kids are back in school. The most wonderful time of the year. So where in the world do I get my kick in the seat of my pants to keep writing? Glad you asked. You know the creepy cornfield I pass everyday and the quirky neighbor two doors down and the really annoying teenager who lives in my house, eating all of my food? Well, I won't name any names, but it's often the eerily close and unexpected things hidden in plain sight that inspire me. 

This group is all about sharing our insecurities and our ups and downs. My confidence soared last month. After making it into Query Kombat in June, I decided to enter "pg70pit" contest hosted by Lara Willard last month. My MG mystery was one of the fourteen MG winners!

While I'm still waiting on agents, I'm still getting inspired for other stories and still pulling my hair out on this journey. The big orange bucket I spotted at a mini golf course this summer would have made a nice addition to my writing desk. 

Don't lose heart wherever you are in your writing career. We all have things to learn and we are in this together! Let's do this.

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