Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February #IWSG: Fun with Photography and Phone Booths and Ferris Bueller Quotes

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As the Midwest frolics in fifty degrees (be jealous), I've been hard pressed to find quantity writing time what with trips to the park and wearing flip-flops and all. This unfrozen winter feels oddly calming. So I dove write in (get it?) to take the February #AuthorLifeMonth challenge on Instagram (when I should be writing.) Snap a pic of the topic for that day and post it with the hashtag. Even if you're not a published author you can still participate.

This writer's journey can be a long and hard road to publication. Some in this group have already been published, but we wait on other things like finding  the perfect agent, publishers and contracts. The journey takes time and patience for all of us. Ferris Bueller has some words for those who spend every waking minute obsessed with writing, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile. You could miss it."

So in the meantime, get your camera (so retro) most likely your phone and snap some snazzy pics of you and your writing dreams and pass the time (when you should be writing). Get yourself out there. Remember you are selling not only your book (or future book) but yourself as an author.

My daughter and I played in a phone booth in an antique store over the weekend. Can someone call that number and tell me to GET BACK TO WRITING?! Thanks. 

Are you up for the photo challenge? Getting any writing done this year? Freaked out that we're already in February? You're still here? Go live life.

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