Monday, May 19, 2014

Numbers: A Writer's Phobia

I admit I have a general math phobia. My finished WIP features a protagonist who struggles with math. And to top it off, his arch nemesis loves math, lives for math, excels in math. But I want to be more specific in my phobia. I'm saying I have a weird phobia--of even numbers. For some odd reason, I only pick odd numbers. In my debut, I used the number 3 several times. Three was my volleyball number and the number of the cute quarterback I had a crush on in junior high. In my finished WIP, 13 was my special number. But for good reasons. A thirteen- year-old boy is trying to solve a thirteen-year-old crime. In my current WIP, I started using only odd numbers again. But I'm trying to conquer my phobia. I've slapped my hand so many times as I try to change my ways. Two security guards (three sounds more believable). Four squad cars (back up should be at least five). Six minutes on the clock (why not seven?)

On the other hand, I love to photograph numbers. As I was searching for number 13's around town, I found the high school football stadium had spray painted numbers on their parking spots. I jumped out of my Jeep to take a photo but noticed I had parked in the even spaces. Numerophobia or arithmophobia is the fear of numbers. Is there a phobia for avoiding even numbers? Give me three minutes and I can find the answer. I have a long road to recovery.

Do you have any phobias as a writer? Do you enjoy math? What always creeps back into your novels? A certain number or word or phrase?


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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

IWSG: Nervous Wreck

What am I insecure about today? After last Thursday's A to Z challenge post indicating that my entry made into Michelle Hauck's Pitch Salm contest, I've been a nervous wreck. We had to submit an entry consisting of a one line pitch (35 words) and the first 250 words (or less) of the opening scene. After everyone received feedback, we made edits and resubmitted. My entry made the final cut and was placed on one of four teams. The "battle of the bands" had begun. When the comments (hits by agents) were released the next day, I discovered two agents and one pub house asking for samples of my upper MG mystery/humor novel.

This past week of biting my nails in anticipation (first waiting to see if I made it into the contest, waiting for requests from agents, sending my ms off to said agents) has me sleepless in Missouri. Not really. I've been sleeping--just waking up extra early. Every morning I go for a run. Running helps me deal with stress. Kids create stress. The writing world gives me stress. My messy house because I'm submitting to agents heaps loads of stress on me.

In less than a week, I went from pure excitement to a full nervous break down:) I've sent my work out in the past. My debut was just published this January. Why am I so nervous, you ask? I've always wanted to secure an agent. Putting my work out there ALWAYS makes me insecure. I start to doubt my abilities as a writer. I think to myself, either my writing is pure genius or complete garbage. As I send my work to agents and wait to hear back from them this week, I am a total NERVOUS wreck!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by! I'm going for a run.

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