Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April #IWSG: Wait for It...

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While everyone posts for the AtoZ challenge, I am saddened that I am not participating this year. My oldest son graduates from high school in a little over a month. Cue the crazy train and the tears and the medication. Just kidding on the last one. I'm all for supporting my kids, so when he handed me something to sign the other day, I didn't hesitate. Then I read the thing. His class is taking a "Cadaver Field Trip" to a hospital in St. Louis. Not lying. I don't make this stuff up. I couldn't stop laughing. What could go wrong? I told him I wanted DETAILS. He just shook his head at me. I asked if I could tag along. I'm pretty sure he rolled his eyes. In case you were wondering, he's taking chemistry, anatomy & physiology, medical terminology. You know, your average high school courses.

On a different note, I don't usually post my progress when it comes to my search for an agent. It's like my personal writer's fight club mantra. But because I have real writer friends (as opposed to imaginary ones) who struggle with rejection and waiting and wanting to quit, I want to encourage you to keep waiting and to not give up. My MG contemporary fantasy is still with several agents. And I wait. While I've been waiting, I wrote. It paid off. I just finished edits on my MG paranormal mystery. I stretched myself, going outside of my comfort zone, and wrote it from a dual POV. Best decision I have ever made. As I wait to hear back from agents for my MG fantasy, I am getting ready to send out queries for my MG mystery.

And while I wait, I take advantage of every opportunity to snap a few pictures. Last year for the AtoZ Challenge, I featured a photographic journey through Mark Twain's boyhood hometown, Hannibal, MO. My oldest son (who will soon be visiting the morgue with his class) shares my passion for photography. He took this photo on the top of Lover's Leap of the sunset over the Mississippi River. He photo-shopped the sky with a darker blue. He has such an eye for detail.

Lover's Leap - Hannibal, MO

My nephew sent me a couple of photos from inside the final four during Monday night's big game in Houston where he was selling Chick-fil-a, and....

Wait for it.....

Guess who was there?? He's in the light blue shirt and white kicks. Hint: I'm from this state where he played in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls.

Michael Jordan chillin' at the game
Talk about someone who never quit. He even got cut from his high school basketball team.
Get back out there. Don't quit. You've got this.

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