Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August #IWSG: Pet Peeves and World Domination

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This month's question: What are your pet peeves when reading/writing/editing?

My pet peeves consist mainly of slow drivers and teenage boys who make messes and don't clean them up. Oh, sorry, I forgot we were talking about writing and not everyday life. When does school start? Soon. Very soon. 

Okay, then. I'll stick with my editing pet peeve. It's personal. My editing brain needs an off button when I'm drafting. Seriously, someone shoot a tranq dart at me so I can write the first draft without freaking out. I'm 10k into my new WIP and now the editing bigwigs want world domination. "But we have such a long way to go," I keep telling my brain. 

Today, I shut down the inner nerd and let loose the creative geek to steer this story in the right direction.

Only a few weeks left of summer. I continue to spy, er, play tourist around town all in the name of research. Did I mention the Mark Twain Cave is 52 degrees all year round? Since Hannibal has been hotter than Texas lately, I plan to hang out with Jesse James as much as I can. Happy summer!

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