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This month's optional question:
 In your writing, what stresses you the most? What delights you?

The awesome co-hosts for the December 1 posting of the IWSG are PJ Colando, Diane Burton, Louise – Fundy Blue, Natalie Aguirre, and Jacqui Murray!

I love coming up with new story ideas. Opening scenes excite me. The release of a new book, movie, or TV series creates the same feeling in me as a kid on Christmas morning. When an author I love writes another book in the series I adore, I jump for joy like I won the lottery.  

Stressing....where do I start?? I'm over stressing about not being able to control my writing career. After wining countless writing contests and securing a literary agent, my agent left her agency a year ago and went straight for representing only graphic novels. She quit before we even got started so to speak. Don't get me wrong. I love graphic novels and so do kids! But there is so much more to the middle-grade and young adult market. And, yes, I could publish more books with my original publisher of my first book, but something is holding me back. 

I'm back in the writing saddle and changing things up. Being a teacher and a librarian for over a decade, I understand what kids want to read. Running two libraries and helping my daughter with endless amounts of homework last year, left me exhausted and unable for any time to write or think about my writing career. Working from home has freed me! With several books ready to go, I will be forging a different path in the new year. 

Is your holiday season starting out on a good note? On a scale of 1-10, how excited do you get over new releases, book series, or a new season of your favorite show? 10 for me!!!

FYI: Alex Rider season two drops December 3rd! Locke and Key season two did not disappoint.

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