Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February IWSG: Suprises

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I hate surprises in life. Probably because most of the time they sound like this: "Mom, the car has a flat tire." "Mom, the car won't start. "Mom, I have the flu." "Mom, I need twenty bucks by tomorrow for (fill in the blank)." The worst one is when coach calls me, "Your son, (pick one) broke his (fill in the blank), or has a concussion, needs stitches."

Surprises in writing, movies and t.v. series are a whole other story. I love to be surprised when it comes to a good book or my fave show. For example, my new found appreciation for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has surprised me more than once. (Spoiler Alert!!) When Agent Grant Ward stands up, ready to shoot his psychopathic SO, John Garret, instead, he aims the gun at Shield's President Victoria Hand and pulls the trigger. I figured he kept hidden loyalties to the man that practically raised him, but I didn't see that coming. Surprise.

With my finished WIP, my characters have continually surprised me, leading me down unexpected paths. I like to keep myself guessing when writing. Will this character turn out good or is he lost forever? Will he get what he wants in the end? Will he sacrifice people and friendships along the way?

I just read a quote recently: (Summarizing it) "If you are not surprised as the writer of your story, you can bet your readers (yawn) won't be either."I purposefully try to do the opposite of the norm. I even ask myself, "What would be totally unexpected in this scene?" Surprise the reader and you will hook them for sure. I hope this month is full of great surprises in your writing pursuits.

How have you added surprise elements in your story? Think of your favorite books and shows. What surprises did they have up their sleeves?

P.S. I did get a nice surprise yesterday. My oldest son is now ranked 6th in division 3 (weight class-182 #s) Missouri High School wrestling. 

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