Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July #IWSG: Moving On

Happy July 4th week, everyone! And so another crazy summer begins. The relaxing days of summer do not exist in my world. Try writing even a grocery list in a house full of teenagers. An idea for another middle-grade novel popped into my head. But I am undecided as to the genre. It could go full blown contemporary mystery or a sci-fi. Weird. I know. I'm only in the brainstorming stage, but one thing I’m pretty certain of is the setting: Chicago. I can’t stop thinking about my favorite city. Here are some more pics from my visit last month:

I’m feeling hopeful and jittery this month. My MG mystery that was picked for the Query Kombat contest last month got knocked out in round one. I thought I made my query clear that it was told from a dual POV, but the judges were confused. At least, Michelle Hauke believed in me and gave me a chance by picking me for her team! I received great feedback and encouraging words from everyone. Moving on. I decided to enter my MG mystery into another contest, “page 70 pitch” hosted by Lara Willard. Why not, right? We’ll see how that one goes. 

I've always wanted to take a photo of Calder's Flamingo. As my hubs was flying fast in the Mini Cooper, we passed the Federal building in Chicago. I stuck my hand out of the sunroof and snapped a few pics. They may not be perfect, but I succeeded!

How about you? Enter any writing contests this summer? Putting the parking brake on your writing for now? Losing your mind with a house full of kids or pets or imaginary characters in your head?
I'm on vacation this week and will try to respond to comments and visit blogs as soon as possible!

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