Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October #IWSG

I am a co-host today with these awesome members:

October 4 question Have you ever slipped any of your personal information into your characters, either by accident or on purpose?

Every single time I write a character I give them a bit of my twelve-year-old self. What can I say, I enjoyed my childhood. Okay, maybe not the red hair and glasses, but I loved spying on people and pretending to be a secret agent. 

My teenage boys always end up as main characters or quirky secondary characters. But I'm changing things up. In my new WIP, let me introduce my first girl protagonist! Loads of fun. But I must confess, the twin antagonists are turning out to be my favorite characters to write.

October is a time for change.

The weather (thank goodness!) chills, leaves turn, haunted houses pop up all over the Midwest. I just want to recognize my oldest son who redesigned my blog and website. He is a computer science major and quite talented. I've been wanting a complete overhaul for a long time and it's here!!!!

Take a look at my new website:  and tell me what you think!

I participated in two events this past month. On Monday, September 18th, I became a book fairie for the day for #Goodreadsturns10 and #Hideabookday world wide. You can read more on my website. I hid eighteen books in the downtown area of Hannibal, MO. 

Saturday, I was involved in my first ever author takeover event with a live chat on Facebook. My publisher Saguaro Books hosted the event. 

I hid books along Mark Twain's boyhood home
and even one in the paint bucket near the fence.

Now, get out there and enjoy the best month all year. Happy October!

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