Wednesday, December 2, 2020

December IWSG: Don't Quit Your Day Job


The awesome co-hosts for the December 2 posting of the IWSG are Pat Garcia, Sylvia Ney, Liesbet @ Roaming About Cathrina Constantine, and Natalie Aguirre!

When the weather turns chilly with a hint of fog and mystery, my inner writer comes to life. October through December are the best months for me to get cracking on new book ideas. However, with a full time job, my writing is on hold to some degree. Squeezing in writing time on the weekends or at night keeps me going forward. 

My job allows me tons of reading time. I'm okay with that for now. Everyday I am surrounded by thousands of treasures new and old. It's a dream job but not ideal for cranking out novels.

I don't plan to quit my day job anytime soon. With my entire summer free and all holidays off, I can write without interruption. (Okay, kids and cats and life...never mind) 

I'm planning on outlining a new novel this weekend. Hopefully, I can crank out a J.K. Rowling inspired kids novel during my two week Christmas break. Lofty goals. 

My plan is to visit blogs tonight. Merry December!

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