Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June #IWSG: Summer, Snark, and Survival Tips.

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When life moves pretty fast, hang on for the ride and enjoy it. This guy looks like he's hanging on for dear life.This is exactly how I felt this last month, but I survived. Sort of. Don't mind that twitch. I'll be fine.
Navy Pier Chicago
This past month I watched my oldest son graduate from high school, experienced a monumental anniversary with my hubs and spent Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago. Twenty thousand steps on Friday alone, and I still can say I loved every minute of it. I always find something new in the Windy City. And, yes, it was windy and stormed while we were there. But we survived.

The new blue Ferris wheel

My new MG paranormal mystery made it into the coveted Query Kombat contest hosted by Michelle Hauck! Our queries and first 250 words will appear today on various blogs and will be matched up with similar entries. Over the next few weeks there will be several more rounds. The last standing entry in each age group will win. Well, if you make it past round one, you make it to the agent round, so that's a win. You can check mine out under the nickname, "The Sticky Note Ghost."

The Bean aka Cloud Gate

Sometimes a writer just needs to be reminded they can do it. This business is tough and depressing at times and can leave you full of sarcasm and snark and cynicism. I mean, sometimes a little snark can go a long way. Getting back to my monologue...sincere encouragement can do wonders in the writing world. My writer friend not only encouraged me to enter Query Kombat, but she insisted. She wouldn't take no for an answer. Genuine praise for our work can be what it takes to push us into action and gives us the confidence needed.

I'm pretty sure I have been my son's biggest cheerleader, rooting for him his entire life. Mom's intuition sensed this smart and talented kid would go far. He struggled in his beginning years in school, but has more than made up for it. This kid graduated with honors, is headed into the medical field, and is a top-ranked athlete in the state of MO. So when he spouts out medical information on muscle hypertrophy or sarcopenia or tells me I might need a stress test, I just smile and nod my head.

Don't forget to encourage people whether they are just starting out in this business, seasoned veterans, or your own kids who are smarter than you. It could be just what they need and can make a huge difference in their lives.

After someone encouraged me, I paid it forward and encouraged another writer, giving them a query/first chapter critique. Now, we are good friends! How are you encouraging others this month? Are you ready for summer? Any fun vacation plans?

Chicago River

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