Wednesday, September 3, 2014

IWSG September 2014: "Wait for It."

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As we all know, the writing process is forever a waiting game. Shawn Spencer said it best, "Wait for iiiiiit." Yes, if you want to perfect your craft, publish your work, promote your writing and enter contests, it all takes TIME.

I entered Brenda Drake's #PitchWars contest in August. We found out the winners last night. That was the longest three weeks of my life. Waiting and hoping and praying I'd make it into this contest, was a true challenge of faith and stamina. And for the record, I did make it into the contest as an alternate. I am indeed honored! There were 75 mentors and thousands of contestants, but they could only pick one mentee and one alternate.

Everyday on Twitter, since the contest opened, the mentors reminded us to wait patiently. They mentioned the endless waiting game in the writing industry. If we are to succeed in this business, we must WAIT FOR IT.

What you have waited for in the past or are you waiting for something right now? Did you ever give up on something that you wish you had been more patient with?

May #IWSG: Mayday!

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