Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December #IWSG: Things Are Getting Pretty Serious

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Did you finish NaNo? Whether your answer is yes or no, it doesn't really matter. As long as you planted the story seed and watered it, you win. I started two novels and got almost halfway finished with each, so there's that. In the words of Napoleon Dynamite: YES. And as his brother Kip would say, "Things are getting pretty serious."

The fall season continues to inspire me with endless amounts of writing energy. No, my stories aren't set on a farm and aren't about horses or cowboys. There's just something about my favorite season that wrangles my senses and returns me to my childhood. Over the Thanksgiving holiday I traveled with my family to the outskirts of Chicago. You can see I had a captive audience as I pitched them ideas for my new stories.

If you want to continue NaNo every month of the year, I challenge you with three goals. First, carve out a time everyday to write. You already know this, so then why do you resist and fail far too often? Turn off Twitter or Facebook or fill-in-the-blank! Second, spy on your kids or other people's kids, but if you're not writing MG or YA, this will come across as creepy. Last, but not least, read widely. But, once again, you know this. Now, get your butt in gear and just do it. This year I've read almost double the amount of books I read last year. Read the good, the bad and the ugly chic lit that you can't stand or the epic regency romance slash paranormal space opera that everyone is talking about.

Here's your photographic inspiration for the day. Now go find your own colorful tree to sit underneath, and I better see you reading or writing.

Did you enjoy the long holiday weekend? What are you reading at the moment? Did you finish (or at least start) any new stories this past month? Are you a fan of Napoleon Dynamite?

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