Thursday, April 10, 2014

I: I am Sherlocked

Yes, I caught the fever, the fandom, the freaking out because Benedict Cumberbatch jumped off a building. Who doesn't appreciate Sir Author Conan Doyle's character Sherlock Holmes? Which one do you like best, you ask? Between the movies with Robert Downey Jr., the BBC's Sherlock series with Benedict Cumberbatch or CBS's Elementary with Jonny Lee Miller, I choose all of them. I'm somewhat of a mystery/crime/whodunit enthusiast. Each is so unique and different and played by brilliant actors.
My debut is not only an action/adventure novel but a mystery thriller
as well. The new novel I'm editing is an upper middle-grade mystery
Jonny Lee Miller CBS's Elementary (Photo:
based on my abilities as a child to always make a mystery out of everything. I mean everything. I pretended to be Nancy Drew, Remington Steele or one of the Hardy Boy characters, trying to solve crimes at school, home or in my neighborhood. I suggested the neighbor was guilty of stealing our tomatoes. My dad ran them over with the lawn mower. I pinned the missing bike on my sister. I left it at a friend's house. I accused the town crazy person of eating his dogs. He gave me the evil eye afterwards. Hey, my theory has never been disproved.
What are your favorite mysteries? Books? T.V.? Movies?
Benedict & Martin (Photo:

If you've watched BBC's Sherlock, you will understand my post title:) More to come on a different post: Moriarty and why he is my favorite villain, ever. Which show, Sherlock or Elementary? BOTH. (I'm trying not give out any spoilers for one of the shows. Shh!)

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  1. Yep. Gotta love the Sherlock. My street was called Sherlock growing up. True story. :)

    1. I bet you had fun with that! Did you convince people you were Holmes or Watson? :)

  2. I LOVE Sherlock. Love, love LOVE. Granted, the mysteries I enjoy in books all involve ghosts, but if you can look past that, I do like the flavor of a mystery...if you can toss in a little of the supernatural on the side--or a neurotic and highly addictive character. (Looking at you Sherlock.)

  3. I haven't watched BBC's Sherlock but I definitely want to sometime because I've heard so much great stuff about it. Although, I just don't get the hype over The 'Batch. Really don't. ;)

  4. I love the Robert Downey/Jude Law pairing but damn Benedict and Martin are just effing awesome. Brilliant, really.

  5. I would choose all of them as well! Each one is different. I really enjoy the books and the character. Have you seen the 80's movie Young Sherlock Holmes? It was a fun look at Holmes and Watson while they were in school.

  6. Yes, I remember the movie Young Sherlock Holmes! Wow. I will have to re-watch that one. When I was a teen, I read The Hound of the Baskervilles. Always been a fan:) Have you heard of the Enola Holmes teen fiction series by Nancy Springer? Enola is "Alone" spelled backwards. She's the much younger sister of the Holmes' brothers. I've enjoyed reading them, but I think a bit of humor throughout would have been brilliant;-)

  7. Remington Steele! I remember Remington Steele.

    I haven't seen the BBC Sherlock. Not that I'm not interested. It's more of a timing thing. I've only heard good things about it. The CBS version I do watch.


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