Thursday, April 3, 2014

A to Z Challenge: C is for Chicago

C is for Chicago
Yesterday we chatted about my favorite book, Chasing Vermeer. Did you know this book takes place in Chicago? I grew up in Illinois. After college I returned and lived about an hour from Chicago for almost a decade. Chitown, one of my favorite destinations on earth, is home to the Cubs (sorry, not a fan!), da Bulls, really awesome deep dish pizza and the Bean. Navy Pier's Ferris wheel overlooking Lake Michigan has always fascinated me. Chitown feels like home except when it turns into Chiberia. Brr! But I think spring has finally sprung. I draw daily inspiration from the Windy City on my Pinterest board. You can also check out debut novel's story board. What is your favorite city and why?  Ciao!

(p.s. I was born in Wisconsin. I should have included in yesterday's "B" post my favorite baseball team, the Brewers:) 
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  1. Visiting on day 3 of the #atozchallenge with all my fellow writers. I appreciate all the hard work it takes to participate. I hope you make many new blogging friends. Visually your blog is fabulous. Not too cluttered and the purpose of it focused, your writing. Congratulations. I grew up in Evanston, IL. and Chicago and all it represents in a favorite city! Luckily we still have adult children/grandchildren in the area so we get to visit. WIthout writing, what would we be?

    1. Thanks for the compliments on my blog! I love art and photography. I'm just not a techie. I tried to put the A to Z challenge badge on the side of my blog and I deleted a different one and still can't figure out how to get the right one on here. (Must ask teen sons who know everything about computers!) I haven't been back to Chicago in a few years. We drive through all the time but too busy to stop and enjoy the big city. Glad you get to keep in touch with your family and with Chicago.

  2. Picking a favorite city is tough. I generally like whichever one I'm in at the moment. :) I've only been to Chicago for short work trips so I haven't had the chance to experience the fun side of it. Your description of it makes me want to visit again, though.


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