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May 3 question - When you are working on a story, what inspires you?

During my years as an elementary school librarian, I've discovered a simple, yet proven way to gain inspiration for your writing. Are you ready for this mind-blowing trick?


There's nothing like the thrill of a page-turner that leaves you hungry for the next chapter. When we read A LOT of good writing, we subconsciously pick up the cadence and rhythm of sentence structure, the push and pull of the story arc, and the dynamics between awesome, yet flawed characters. 

Reading everything helps us discover what works and what flops. We understand why some books are meh and others reach deep into your soul, unleashing suppressed emotions we never knew existed.

I read fast and I read often. I try new books, but I'm always drawn to my favorite ones, rereading them sometimes four or five times. Crazy, right? But when I discover an amazing author, I can't help but fall in love with their writing, which will without a doubt lead to inspiration.

Hope you are enjoying springtime and reading all the books. Or writing all the books. Or both. May the inspiration be with you. 


  1. Reading definitely helps us see what doesn't work well - and hopefully we avoid it in our own writing.

  2. Reading good books certainly does the trick!

    Ronel visiting for IWSG day Joining the Creator Economy

  3. My most favorite books I've re-read dozens of times.

  4. You know what's also fun? Bad stories. Because then you can think of ways to make them better ;) Glad you've been reading some great books.

  5. The problem with me is that I get absorbed into the books I'm reading that I stop writing altogether. I often have to put gaps between books, otherwise I don't get any writing done.


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