Wednesday, March 3, 2021

March #IWSG: Oh the Books I Read!

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 March 3 question - Everyone has a favorite genre or genres to write. But what about your reading preferences? Do you read widely or only within the genre(s) you create stories for? What motivates your reading choice?

The awesome co-hosts for the March 3 posting of the IWSG are Sarah - The Faux Fountain Pen Jacqui Murray, Chemist Ken, Victoria Marie Lees, Natalie Aguirre, and JQ Rose!

As a librarian in elementary schools I read middle grade and young adult novels. Even if I wasn't a librarian I'd read them anyway. I write mostly mystery and suspense. They happen to be my favorite genres. I love reading books and being able to recommend them! The kids motivate me to read.

How is everyone? I hope you're getting lots of writing or reading accomplished. Reading only for me. Summer is coming where I'll have time to write. Temperatures are reaching spring time levels this week. Celebrating Dr. Seuss all week at my two libraries! 

Will try to visit blogs and return comments tonight or by this weekend.


  1. Hi,
    I hope all goes well with your Dr. Seuss celebrations.
    You can send some of your summer my way.
    Take care.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G @ EverythingMustChange

  2. Celebrating with some of those Dr. Seuss books anyway.
    Here's to summer when you can write more.

  3. What an ironic week for Dr. Seuss celebrations.

    As a librarian, you have to know what to recommend.

  4. I think "Oh, the Places You'll Go" is my favorite Dr. Seuss book. I'm glad spring weather is finally coming around. My emotions need a reprieve from the cold and snow.

  5. I've been doing more reading than writing lately.
    Looking forward to warmer temperatures!

  6. Do you get lots of requests for recommendations? When I was a kid, I had a go to librarian who gave me loads of books. I read some real classics.

  7. Was the Dr Seuss thing this week a coincidence?

    I'm a big sucker for The Cat in the Hat. I'm also very fons of Yertle the Turtle.

  8. Hi Jennifer! I love middle grade and young adult. In fact, I write young adult short adventure stories. All best to you, my dear!


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