Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Three M's of March

The three M's of March are March Madness, manuscripts, and Monopoly. Did you think I was going to give you some savvy, sage writing advice? Don't worry, it's coming. This blog entry resembles a pep talk in the middle of March Madness. Let's take Basketball, for instance. Coaches prepare their teams and pump encouraging words into their players to prepare them for the game. Some coaches speak a little louder than others. Deep down, coaches are incredibly powerful motivators even when they tell you the things you don't want to hear.

If I had attempted a writing career ten years ago, I would have failed immediately. Now, that I am a little older, my level of patience is much greater (so I keep telling myself). I owe thanks to my husband, our two teenage boys and our three-year-old daughter. Thank you, family, for making my life crazy, chaotic, fast and furious. My pathetic pittance of patience has been stretched and flexed over the years. Being a wife, mother and former full-time teacher, I think I deserve the Pulitzer Prize for patience.

You can't get around the fact that writing is patient work. Learning the craft of writing stories, manuscripts or whatever you are writing takes time. Researching the best books and the greatest authors takes time.Then the revising rolls in: revising, editing, revising. This part can take LOADS of time, like my never-ending laundry pile. With two boys in sports, my laundry mat is open 24/7.

Then comes the waiting game or the send off, when you send your manuscripts off to publishers, contests or magazines. I did name my blog "The Writing Game" for a reason. Remember the game of Monopoly? You have to stick with the game if you are going to win. You have to survive landing on boardwalk with two hotels. But the moment you do win, it's an epic, Monopoly win.
-Coach Hawes, signing off. Go write some books or just play some basketball;-)


  1. That is so true, Jennifer. Recently, I have felt like throwing up my hands and quitting, then I get over it and continue. I love the writing, the growing and becoming better and the editing, but dislike trying to get it published. So many rejections and so many publishing houses that don't accept submissions. But, if we don't quit, maybe some day...

  2. Yes, Janet, maybe some day!! I'm trying my hand at a few writing contests. I've never submitted to any contests before. I think it's time! All of this is still so new to me, so here it goes;-) I found about four contests that I am going to submit my middle-grade novel to (almost thinking it's more YA?) and one for my biography on Henry. Deadlines are exciting!!


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