Thursday, June 21, 2012

My LIfe Long Love of Alliteration

The allure of alliteration began long before my adult years. My first reading of Edgar Allen Poe's The Tell Tale Heart rendered me radically changed. This timeless tale taught me appreciation for the fine art of alliteration. Alliteration is "the literaty device where words begin with the same sounds and are placed next to each other for effect." (  

Several years ago while teaching a unit on alliteration, I expidited an educational experiment. My students combined their spelling words with an English assignment to produce alliteraive spelling stories. I followed suit...what a hoot! Pressing my luck with such stories as "Pete from Pitsburg," I prattled on and on about a professional pithy plumber. The short stories lacked in length, of which I was perfectly pleased. My pocket of prose was precisely the perfect length.

As I read the adventures of Pete, I peered over my desk at my pupils. They raptly listened to me repeat a plethora of "P" words.  Did I mention his brother Pat? Pathetic, I know. You get the picture. This lesson lured in my eleven-year-olds. My class adored those adventurous adults always in a mysterious mess. My fifth-graders were happily hooked on alliteration. Those are the teaching moments I miss the most!


  1. Literally Love Lively Alliteration!!

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